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Restaurant Les Saveurs Gourmandes


These are the data that identify you and that could be used to facilitate your navigation. This is your surname, first name, e-mail address, contact details, and how you use the website.


We may store information on your browser in the form of cookies. They make it possible to record information relating to your browsing prior to visiting our Website or on our Website (the pages you have consulted, the date and time of consultation, etc.). We can read this information during your next visits.
In addition, places a cookie on your computer, which records information relating to your browsing on our Website and stores information that you have entered during your visit. .

The cookies we use are as follows:
– Google Adwords: This cookie allows us to save your settings when you visit our website via our advertisements on Google, and to track how you access certain pages.
– Google Analytics: this cookie allows us to record information about the pages you visit. This allows us to improve your daily user experience.
– Google Tag manager: this cookie allows us to record information during your browsing on our website and to optimize our content to offer you a better reading experience.
– Facebook Pixel: this cookie allows us to record conversions of our facebook ads and create retargeting audiences to help you find the product you need.Google Adwords


At Restaurant Les Saveurs Gourmandes we want our users and customers to have confidence in us. This is why we do not sell your personal information to other services. Your information is only used by Restaurant Les Saveurs Gourmandes to offer you services that correspond to you and that meet what you are looking for.
Vehicle booking information is stored with a third-party service, CheckFront, you can consult their privacy policy by clicking here ( privacy). We have made sure that they do not exploit or resell your personal data. Credit card data is stored on a secure payment platform.


During your browsing, we only collect data related to your visit to our site. This allows us to constantly improve our site and to offer you services that meet your needs. This data is collected by Google Analytics. This third-party service records your IP address and your journey on our site. This data is not sold to other services. If you wish to prevent the collection and use of this information, you can install a plugin available at this address:
If you book a vehicle on our site, you will then have to fill in the necessary information (surname, first name, email, telephone, postal address, driver’s license number).
If you want to receive our great newsletter, you will need to fill in this information: surname, first name, email address.


We do not sell, trade or transfer your personally identifiable information to third parties. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website or administering our business, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.


We implement a variety of security measures to safeguard your personal information. The servers used to store your information are kept in a secure environment. We also protect your information offline.


By law, you have the right in certain circumstances to:

• Request your information to find out if we have personal information.
• Request correction and updating of your information.
• Request deletion of your personal data.
• Object to the processing of your information. Please note that if you do not wish to transmit your information, we will not be able to proceed with the reservation of vehicles concerning you.
• Withdraw your consent, you can stop receiving emails from us, for this you can unsubscribe by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter, or send us the request by email to
If you have a request concerning your personal data, please contact us by email at this address:


By using our website, you agree that we may obtain and use the information you give us.


Our privacy policy may change during the year and according to the new laws in force concerning the processing of personal data.< /p>