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• Starters

Beetroot and orange harmony (G.F) (GF) 15 €
Scallop carpaccio with passion fruit, passion berry, fleur de sel producteur l'Héritier in Guérande (GF) 23 €
Fricassee of snails with mushrooms and wine Viognier and parsley crumble (GF) 24 €

• Dishes

Conffited rabbit leg with prune and Armagnac sauce (G.F) 30 €
Bouillabaisse with shellfish bisque (G.F) 36 €
Local roast trout from La Sorgue (G.F) 28 €

• Desserts

Selection of three cheeses refined by award winning cheese dairy Lou Canestéou 14 €
Fig, blackcurrant, and hazelnut tarlet 12 €
Autumn sweetness with caramel apples, almond shortbread, diplomat cream 12 €
Lavender crème brulée (G.F) 10 €