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• Starters

Bavaroise with peas, pea cream, fresh goat’s cheese mousse with smoked Penja pepper (G F) 17 €
Asparagus panna-cotta, peanut crumble and Parmesan 19 €
Gambas in different textures (G F) 24 €

• Dishes

Porc ribs parfume with honey and baie of Bataks 30 €
Roasted Trout from La sorgue and Cancélades white wine sauce, late harvest harvested at the first frost (G F) 32 €
Rack of lamb and garlic cream (G F) 36 €

• Desserts

Selection of three cheeses refined by award winning cheese dairy Lou Canestéou 14 €
Strawberry and basil tart 13 €
Lemon delice 13 €